Testing Software is like Making Love

Work with me for a minute here.

One of the things I dislike about a recent trend in the software testing profession is the lack of analogies and examples that relate to me as an adult. Yes, it's interesting that children are innocent, curious and are natural explorers, but they are also naive, inexperienced and cannot reason or abstract like adults can. I don't find it helpful to me or when training new testers to say you need to be more like children. I'm an adult, so how can you help me now? Do you have an analogy that relates to me as an adult?

Here's an analogy that I think might help.

Testing software is like making love.

What does that mean? For a start, what's the difference between 'making love' and 'having sex'? I think the big difference is caring about the person you are with and wanting to satisfy their needs.

Is there just one way to do it? No. Every person's needs are different, just like every project we help test is unique.