Fishing for Wisdom

I just came back from a week at the AYE Conference. My head is full with several new ideas swimming around and stirring up half-baked old ideas - which is a good thing.

One of the thoughts causing my head to spin came from a session one evening where we discussed ideas to improve the conference moving forward. Johanna Rothman led the session and at one point she mentioned that the AYE workshop sessions included pure [Virginia] Satir [ideas, models, etc.] and applied Satir. This got me thinking about some of the subtle differences I had noticed about the sessions and what they meant to me.

In particular, some of the ideas and models I learned from the AYE sessions appear to dwell longer in my mind and apply to a broader spectrum of situations while others seem to be more specific - i.e. an application of a model in a particular context. Don't get me wrong, whether you choose to attend a pure Satir or applied Satir workshop at AYE (and the sessions aren't labelled as such because it doesn't really matter), it's a win-win scenario. :) Sure, different hosts have different styles, but each session is different every time so you sometimes see people attend the same session again to see what new insights they get.

So, what's the big deal here? Why did I get stuck on a small point like this? Well, it reminded me of the time when I was in Teacher's College in the mid-90's, preparing to become a High School Science teacher.