The Three Physical Requirements of a Good Software Tester

There are three physical elements that I find a good software tester must have:
  1. Good working senses
  2. Brain - ability to think
  3. Heart - someone who cares

Your senses (sight, sound, touch, etc.) give you the information that you need to process.

Your head helps you process the information and form them into ideas and models to work with.

Your heart gives the information meaning. Someone with heart is someone who cares about others and about the quality of their work. Without this, you are little more than a computer.

Interestingly enough, there are some people with reasonably good-working senses who are still unable to see. I think that it is likely an impediment from their head or their heart that prevents them from seeing. Can this be fixed? Perhaps -- if the person genuinely wants to see. Not everyone wants to see.

The problem is no longer a mechanical one but rather a psychological one. That's tricky.

All written communication is fundamentally flawed. It tries to capture some of the above 3 elements, but usually fails to really grasp the element of 'heart'. (And Poetry is likely the exact opposite - more heart than anything else.) I don't believe that any useful communication can take place without being physically present with the other person. There are many things said and understood between people that may be poorly or incorrectly inferred through written communication alone.

A software tester is an Information specialist. Do you have what it takes to be really good at it? Do you really care?

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