I haven't forgotten about this blog.. I've just been crazy busy at work for the last month. We had a major software release at the end of March, followed shortly afterwards by a planned "hotfix" release to patch the last remaining things that we couldn't finish in time for the deadline. So between long work hours and spending my remaining waking hours with family, I've let this chill for a while.

That reminds me.. I think some of my friends called about 4 weeks ago.. I should probably get back to them.. maybe get out, go see a movie. I need some air.

I've got lots to write about here, so I'll probably be adding several entries over the next few weeks. One thing that I should mention is that one of my hard drives has also failed on my home computer. Just happens to be the one that has all my email on it. (That kinda sucks.) I'll be [carefully] taking the computer apart this weekend to see if I can recover the data before I replace the drive.

I actually unplugged the drive several weeks ago, so if I can go almost a month without retrieving my email, I think I can wait a few more days before I start writing entries. ;-)

Cheers! Write soon.

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