Marketing Research - How to make your meetings work better

I got a phone call yesterday. I was contacted by a Marketing Research group that periodically holds Focus Groups on particular subjects in my town. I signed up with them a few years ago and I get a call from them maybe a few times a year, so it's not really a bother. (I like to contribute to research and data whenever I can.)

There are usually the pre-screen questions though to make sure that you are a part of their target group. Turns out that I didn't fit the profile they were looking for this time around (I'm a Generation-X, and they're looking for a Gen-Y), but I asked them the details of the Focus Group anyway. It was to be a 2-hour discussion forum on some topic and it pays $50.00.

Wow. That's cool. $50.00 for sitting around in a meeting room and talking for a few hours? I can do that. (Too bad I didn't qualify this time.. better luck next time.)

Hey, wait a minute!

How come when I sit in a Project status meeting for 2 hours at work I don't get $50 spending cash?!

How much more efficient do you think these status meetings would run if the Meeting Chairperson had to dole out cash for each attendee for each hour? I'm pretty sure that these meetings would run a lot quicker and be far more productive! ;-)

Maybe there's a lesson in there somewhere.

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